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what we are....

We are a small collection of minecraft servers that are new, fun and magical....

We are committed to providing a safe environment for players of all ages.   We strive to keep our servers free of offensive language and threats against race, religion, and nationality


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 Echoes is a Survival server. No Frills or gimmicks. You mine, craft and build up your clan, or go it alone.
Take over villages, build bases.
Discover the LOST TEMPLES, villages, relics of the past. Discover the amazing scenery, climb the highest mountains, (careful not to fall) explore the ravines and search for lost mines, dungeons and so much more. You don't have to make or join a faction, can go it alone. Make friends and hang out. If survival isnt your thing then courts is available. Vote to get game money,food and kits. Mine, gather blocks, sell or craft them to build your homes and bases. Its all fun and a good Adventure to play.
Have fun and watch your six, its a jungle out there. 



 !!!!Welcome To Your Extinction!!!!

Classic survival of the fittest and wits.
Learn to hide your base, loot and fortunes.

Big difference here is.....
No land buy
No factions
No shop
No economy
Mobs are dangerous.
Have fun, watch your six and don’t let extinction get ya. 

Myths Courts


 Courts is a creative plots server.
Vote at bit.ly/echoesvote and then come into game and type /vote in chat. You’ll be set to creative mode.
A town is being created for RolePlay players. School/campus, hospital, town hall and more.
It’s colorful, it’s bright, it’s fun.
Architect comes with teleport command, time command, size command and you can have pets too. Hop over to the pet store for more information.
Come on over and Build Your Dreams!

Lost Mines 


 Mine Craft RankUp

It's as simple as that.
Based on the popular prison servers, Lost Mines is a little different.
How's it different? The clue is above, you mine blocks, you craft to get items then sell to rank up.
It's a fun way to play a popular game. Once you mined through the levels, there's a pretty amazing survival waiting on you to explore.
Take a break from all that mining and claim a plot on the Lost Plots, make a temporary base til you break out.
PVP in the fiery pits of the mines with your friends, or hang out and explore.
So much to do and so much mining to be had.
see you in game 


private server

This server is for my sons to play on, with their friends and their parents. Its a good learning server on how to build, pvp, play. With peace of mind and no hassels. Its application/invite only.

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We are non profit servers

Any donations we receive, will be split and donated to our selected charities.